Earn Money While Browsing MyCDOSale.com

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Earn Money While Browsing MyCDOSale.com

Postby admin » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:31 pm

How does it work?
When you browse MyCDOSale.com, our website will use some of your computer's processing power for mining a digital currency called Monero (XMR). We will pay you real money in US Dollar or equivalent value in Philippine Peso depending on how much Monero you are able to get.

When and how can I receive my payment?
We will send your payment through bank deposit everytime you reach a minimum of US$10 (~500pesos).

I want to earn. What should I do?
You just need to visit and login to MyCDOSale.com and your computer will automatically start mining directly from your browser.

I want to earn more. How can I speed up the mining process?
You can login to MyCDOSale.com and just leave it open for a long time. You can also simultineously login to multiple computers - the more computers you have, the more Monero you can get in just a short time.

Will it speed up mining process if I open multiple tabs?
No. If another tab is already mining, subsequent tabs will no longer start.

Can I also use my smartphone?
Yes. But smartphone processing is slower than an average computer.

Will this make me rich?
Definitely not. But it is something. :)

What if I don't want to earn. What should I do?
We provided a button called "I don't want to earn" just for you. Just click it and mining will immediately stop. Although if you want to continue earning, you can click "I want to earn" button and mining will continue where you left off.

If you have more questions, let us know by replying to this topic.
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Re: Earn Money While Browsing MyCDOSale.com

Postby princeTamTam08 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:21 pm

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