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Old But Gold Pc parts

Postby arezkoh » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:25 pm

For sale MiniBox for pisonet

12 volts supply
1 piso and 5 pesos slot
VGA Cut or Power Cord Cut
Price: 1000 pesos each

AMD athlon System Units
1st Unit
Athlon x II 250 3.0 Ghz ( with Deep Cool Fan *black*)
4gb Ram ddr3 Single stick
Asus Mobo Unlocker M4N68-MLE v2 ddr3 slots
500 gb Hardisk Casing and Supply
Casing and Supply

Price: 4000 pesos

2nd "MotherBoard & Proce Combo with Casing & Supply
Sempron 145 ( with Stock AMD fan*)
2gb Ram ddr3 Single stick
ECS Mobo MCP61M-M3 ddr3 slots
Casing and Supply

Freebies : 2gb ram ddr3

Price: 3000 pesos

Call or Txt 09069774790 or PM fb [email protected]
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