Differential Calculus Video Tutorial

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Differential Calculus Video Tutorial

Postby vince513 » Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:23 pm

If you are having difficulty understanding your differential calculus subject...this video tutorials will help you a lot in getting an excellent mark in school!

Video 1: What is a derivative?
Video 2: The derivative defined as a limit
Video 3: Differentiation formulas
Video 4: Derivatives of trigonometric functions
Video 5: The chain rule
Video 6: Higher order derivatives
Video 7: Related rates
Video 8: Curve sketching using derivatives
Video 9: Introduction to integrals
Video 10: Solving integrals
Video 11: Integration by substitution
Video 12: Calculating volume with integrals
Video 13: Derivatives and integrals of exponentials
Video 14: Derivatives of logarithms
Video 15: Integration by parts
Video 16 Integration by trigonometric substitution
Video 17: Improper integrals

All videos for only Php 200...in avi and mp4 format.
call/text: 09177018833

also available: Differential Calculus Reviewer by Ricardo Asin
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