*Sale* Pre-Loved Books :)

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*Sale* Pre-Loved Books :)

Postby Psychdelic » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:45 pm

Selling my Pre-loved Books :)

Wattpad Books 100php each~
-A and D
-Mission Impossible:Seducing Drake Palma
-A Hundred Days With You
-The Bet
-548 Heartbeats
-(part1)Girlfriend For Hire
Not Covered:
-Ang Boyfriend Kong Artista
-(part1)The Boy Next Door

Still Sealed Books: 175php each~
-My Prince
-Ex with Benefits
-Sadist Lover

Other wattpad Books:
-Destined for August-90php~
-Hes a Kidnapper-50php~
-Talk Back and You're Dead (part1)-150php~

-Pita-ten(anime novel)-50php~
-The Evil Seed-150php~
-I Will Not Leave You Comfortless (a memoir)- 70php~
-Then he ate my boy Entrancers-20php~
-California Diaries-20php~

*reservations available*
Pre-Loved Books :)
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